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Adrienne’s Thoughts on Culinary Travel

Posted on: August 26, 2009

I thought I’d expand on our earlier post entitled “Introduction to Culinary Travel” by sharing a bit about my perspectives on culinary travel.  We ventured into the culinary travel arena because of our profound love of great food, wine, and travel.

When I say  “great food,” I’m referring to any type of food that’s well prepared and tastes good.  I love idyllic ambience and service in 5-star settings, but I’m just as enthralled with the unforgettable foods so often found in favorite local restaurants and “hole-in-the-wall” places.   My agency’s culinary tours reflect this idea in that we try to incorporate a variety of dining experiences in every itinerary, from dinner at the Eiffel Tower to meals hosted by local families.   In all cases, guests are treated to great food and memorable experiences.

Great food is, of course, my pre-requisite for culinary travel of any type.  However, my idea of a culinary tour is not for our guests to literally eat their way through their destination country (although you might be tempted to!).  I view culinary travel as a way to experience your destination, instead of “just visiting.”

Customization: Celebrations’ culinary tours are always custom-designed, never the “cookie cutter” version:  You’d want your food prepared to your liking; why shouldn’t your travel be tailored to your liking as well?

Memorable Experiences & Activities: Our tours are meant to provide you with travel experiences that you’ll remember and cherish–not a whirlwind bus tour.  Our goal is to give you the opportunity to experience your chosen vacation destination, with a focus on culinary elements.  Experiencing a destination means different things to different people.   For example, one group of travelers to Italy may have a passion for homemade pastas and want a lesson from a local chef, while others may prefer to spend the afternoon in the shade of the olive trees sipping wines with a knowledgeable sommelier.

That’s why our ability to customize your tour is so important and unique.   I believe in putting together a variety of dining experiences, sightseeing, and culinary and cultural activities that suit your own tastes, preferences, and needs to complete a tour that’s uniquely customized for you and your family, group, or organization.

The possibilities are endless, and we welcome the opportunity to work with enthuastic culinary travelers!


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