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How Do I Get My Friend From Nairobi to Here?

Posted on: September 17, 2009

Earlier this week, I answered a call that came in to our agency.  Here’s the conversation:

Me: Celebrations!

Caller: Is this the travel agency?

Me: Yes, may I help you?

Caller: How do I get my friend from Nairobi to here?

I have to admit this question actually rendered me speechless for a couple of seconds.  I didn’t know exactly how to respond.  Questions start swirling in my head:

– Is she asking for flight routing, as in how would we go about bringing someone here from a logistical standpoint?

– The passenger is in Nairobi–Is she asking how to bring this person here in terms of immigration and/or entry requirements?  I’m not an immigration expert, I’m just a travel agent!

In the mundane sense, I’m also thinking to myself:  Buy a ticket! But get your travel documents in order first!  I fought the urge to laugh at my own sarcastically humorous thoughts.

Not exactly sure what she wants to know, I give her overview answers from both perspectives, just in case.  Unfortunately for me, as I’m explaining the booking and ticketing process, she cuts in to verify the general information Web site address I gave her, then hung up.

I thought to myself:  Yes ma’am, that’s correct.  Glad I could be of service as your personal Web guide this morning.

As much as travel agents like myself are weary of having our brains picked, at least it gave me something rather amusing to talk about here!

In case you’re wondering, Celebrations International Travel offers international airfares to most destinations worldwide.  (Airfares to Africa are limited.)

Happy Travels!


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