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English Terms Around the World

Posted on: September 18, 2009

As a first-generation Chinese-American, I have always been in-tune to differences in English-language terminology and usage.  I think sometimes you could argue that the differences are merely stylistic, but sometimes they’re so drastic they can be difficult to understand if you’re not used to it.  Some are definite brain teasers!

Here’s a short list of terms, their country of origin, and their American English “translations”.

I’m sure someone out there can think of many more to add, so go for it!  Post any you can think of, so we can build this fun list.

Kitchen Roll (Scotland) = Roll of Paper Towels

Bush Lunch (Australia) = Australian Picnic

Pre-pone (India) = Moved Up; Opposite of Postpone

Shift (India) = Move, as in “to move to a new residence”

My One (India) = Mine

Your One (India) = Yours

Ice Lolly (India) = Popsicle

Stick Ice Cream (India) = Ice Cream Bar on a Stick, Not a Popsicle

First Nations (Canada) = Native American

Buggy (Ireland)/pram (England) = stroller

Weight Problems (India) = refers to challenges associated with packing/checking in suitcases over the airlines’ weight restrictions

Coach (most English-speaking countries except the U.S.) = A Tour Bus

What other English terms have you come across in your travels that aren’t common in American English?  Add them to my list!  I’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, food for thought.  Americans say “eggplant”.  In some cases I know these are referred to as “aubergines,” which if I’m not mistaken, is actually French in orgin but also used in English,  and “bringalls”.  I don’t have that spelled right because I was typing it phonetically.  What country uses this term, and what is its language of origin?


2 Responses to "English Terms Around the World"

The correct spelling is brinjals; it is used in India. Supposedly Arabic in origin.


P.S. Glad you are polishing up on Indian English!

In response to the reply posted by my husband, Agni, thank you. I stand corrected:

Brinjal (India) = Eggplant

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