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Signature Smell Aboard A Cruise Ship

Posted on: December 7, 2009

I just saw this tweet from @goplanit:

What do u think of a #cruise ship infused w/a signature smell? http://goplanit.com/l/zpm #travel

Personally, I prefer that the air around me not smell like anything, but if a nice smell in the air helps to please passengers and works well for the cruise line, more power to them!  Even the Magic Kingdom and Disneyworld and Disneyland are infused with the sweet smell of cotton candy through a number of vents located throughout the parks.

As for the term “signature smell,” I can’t say that I like it all that much, since I don’t know what it smells like, and the word “fragrance” or “scent” would have been a better choice, in my opinion.   My own experiences have biased me in this regard, but I think of the word “smell” as being more inline with “odor,” as opposed to a pleasing smell.

Why, you ask?  I’m still scarred from the experience of my college roommate using half a bottle of Jovan Musk to mask the odor of her sneakers and six-week-old pile of laundry.  And no, I promise that one day won’t color all my entries about travel and destinations in Pennsylvania!

Bottom line, I am not a huge fan of smells of any type, but for those to whom they appeal, enjoy!


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