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Holiday Traditions & Foods in France & Germany

Posted on: January 5, 2010

I’ve chosen to combine these two countries in this entry because I’d like to share with you a bit about my own experience celebrating the holidays in the French/German border region.

I was hosted by a number of families while in France, and have traveled in Germany as well, so my memories are numerous and varied.  Spending Christmas with in a family’s 132-year-old ancestral home was quite an experience, complete with a live Christmas tree lit with real candles set in a room with wooden floors, no less!  On Christmas Eve, we were treated to a perfect, homemade Yule Log, or “Bouche de Noel and mulled wine with holiday spices (similar to apple cider enjoyed by many families in America), amongst other festive foods.  The authentic German glockenspeil was the only one I’d ever seen.

I also found holiday shopping to be quite a different experience, with the Christmas markets in both France and Germany.  These seasonal markets are an age-old tradition that remind me more of a street festival than simply stalls full of goods.  Most of the time, I enjoyed simply munching or sipping holiday goodies while browsing through the market in the crisp winter air.

I think anyone with a passion for the holidays and tradition would enjoy this unique experience.  Some avid travelers even make their way to Europe each year just to shop at the Christmas markets!  Whether you’d like to do that, or just love travel and good food, contact us to explore the possibilities.   Our custom culinary tours may interest you, or other types of travel that Celebrations International Travel services may inspire your own travels.

Best Wishes and Happy New Year!

Meilleux Voeux pour la Nouvelle An!


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