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Tips for Savvy Cruisers – Article #3

Posted on: May 14, 2010

Time to share another cruise tip I’ve come across:

Topic Statement: Nearly every cruise line will toss in one free cabin if you travel in a group of 15 or more.

My Viewpoint: This statement isn’t entirely correct.  The correct statement is:  Most cruise lines will offer one (1) free bed (known in maritime lingo as a berth) per every 16 sailed passengers.  When organizing a group cruise, always consult your travel agent about the specifics of any “free berth” and related promotional offers.  Every cruise line has its own rules and restrictions, and depending on your group’s particular situation, the various promotional offers seen in mass media may or may not be applicable.

Specifically regarding the possibility of “free berths,” the word “free” most often only applies to the base cruise fare, excluding any port charges, government fees, and taxes.  Additionally, most cruise lines count only the first and second passengers in a stateroom toward that “magic number” 16 (or whatever it happens to be).  They do this because if you have more than two passengers occupying a particular stateroom, the fares for the third and additional passengers is greatly discounted.

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