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Topic Statement: When cruising with our two toddlers, we book a single cabin with twin beds. Pushing them together allows us to sleep sideways, with one parent at the bottom as a guardrail. This only works if you aren’t tall!

My Viewpoint: Both as a travel agent and an experienced cruiser, I see inaccurate information in this traveler’s statement in a number of ways.

First, it is not possible for a family of four to book a “single cabin.”  The term “single cabin” refers to a stateroom that either only accommodates one person, or is being occupied by one person paying a supplement to the base fare.

Second, most (if not all) staterooms on modern cruise ships have twin beds as the standard bed configuration.  In most staterooms, it is up to the travelers whether they want to leave the beds in twin configuration or have them converted to one queen (sometimes king in suites or larger rooms) bed.  The stateroom attendant will take care of this for you, and it is definitely more than simply pushing the twin beds together.  Guests actually sleep on a queen (0r king) mattress, so there is no uncomfortable crack in the middle.

Last, and most important to note:  The cruise line always knows exactly how many passengers are booked into each stateroom, as well as their ages (adults vs. children and infants), to ensure that the correct numbers and sizes of life jackets are provided, and that everyone is accounted for in case of an emergency.

When this traveler says they sleep with one parent lying across the foot of the bed to act as a guardrail, please note that that is completely by choice.  One way or another, the stateroom they are in sleeps four guests properly.  This I can tell you from personal experience, as I have two small children as well.  Cruise ships have cribs available upon request, and some staterooms have pull-out sofas and/or murphy beds that fold out of the wall or ceiling.  No reason to sleep scrunched up if you don’t want to!

Starting today, I’m taking a new approach to my blog.  As often as possible, I’ll write to share my thoughts on something related to travel.

One day I might write about experiencing a destination or planning a dream trip; the next I could be telling you about a hilarious antic I witnessed while transiting through an airport.

Whatever comes to mind, I’ll write about.  My husband, Agni, may join me occasionally as a guest blogger.  It will be interesting to see where this new approach leads us.

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