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That is one of my favorite sayings that has stuck with me since I was a teenager.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “One day I’m gonna….”  Whatever it is, you owe it to yourself to make it happen.  Otherwise, life has a way of just passing us by.

I often recount to my clients the story of how I had the best possible view, standing on a street corner outside Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard.   But the guards marched in and turned around, then my dad tapped me on the shoulder and said “It’s time to go back to the bus.”  Upset as a was at having to miss the rest of the spectacle, I vowed one day to return and see everything “properly,” or at least the way I wanted to.  I haven’t returned there since, although my travels have taken me around the world.  Unfortunately, the experience I once had is no longer possible, as the changing of the guard now takes place behind the palace gates.  (It is still visible to the public, but is obstructed by the gates.)

The moral to the story?  “Someday” isn’t enough.  Even if you may not know when it will be possible, start planning your travels.  Dream a little, do your research into the places you want to see and the things you want to do.  Then book your trip far enough in the future to allow you to save up vacation time and money.  Take this important step so you’ll be more likely to actually take the trip rather than just dream about it.  Worried that you might need to cancel if something important comes up?  Travel insurance is a great way to protect the investment you make in your vacation.

If you can’t afford to splurge on an expensive vacation, don’t worry.  Leave it to the travel pros like myself to help you find ways to save.  It’s the experience that counts, right?  Don’t feel that you have to compromise on the memories you will create for yourself and your loved ones.

Last but not least, take your trip, and enjoy it!  After all, life is not a dress rehearsal!

Visit my agency:  Celebrations International Travel….Celebrating Life Through Travel

Throughout the course of my work, and in my daily life, I am blessed to be constantly reminded of what an amazing world we live in.   This summer alone, my family and I have enjoyed the pristine beaches of Jamaica and the serene beauty of Alaska’s Inside Passage, in addition to the resort-like atmosphere we enjoy amongst the palm trees and cacti at home.  The change of scenery is nice, as is the chance to get away from our “daily grind.”

We have always loved to travel, but it never ceases to amaze me how perfect each and every one of our vacations destinations is in its own right.  Whether we’re in the mood for an active or relaxing vacation, in a few short hours, we can fly from our home city to any number of idyllic or exotic locales….something many could only dream of not so long ago.

“Celebrations Travel” is a term recently coined in the travel industry meaning “travel that occurs to celebrate a special occasion or milestone.”  I would agree that special occasions are a great reason to enjoy leisure travel, but what about celebrating the everyday that we call life?  At my house, we plan our vacations ahead of time, giving us something to look forward to.  These days it’s “Let’s stay in tonight and save up for Alaska,” or “Let’s wait for the weekend in Palm Springs.”

So why not join us in Celebrating Life Through Travel? Celebrate surviving a tough week at work with a weekend getaway.  Celebrate packing your teen off to college with an overnight stay at a nice bed-and-breakfast.  Celebrate your good health and happiness by embarking on a dream trip.  Whatever you choose, remember one of my favorite sayings:  Life is not a dress rehearsal!

Update:  I am heartbroken that Jackie Evancho didn’t win America’s Got Talent, but I hear she’s performing in the America’s Got Talent Live stage show, and it’s coming to Phoenix in October!

After her stunning performance on last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent, we cast all the votes we could for Jackie Evancho.  A child has never won America’s Got Talent before, and personally, I think it would be a shame if she didn’t, all because she’s ten years old.

Check out this outstanding video clip of Jackie’s performance:

If Jackie wins tonight, we’re taking family to see her show in Las Vegas!  (Nothing better than celebrating life by spending it with the family!)  My own little girl loves the outfits Jackie has been wearing on America’s Got Talent, so I guess it’s time to seek them out….Maybe one day Jackie Evancho will even have her own little girls’ couture line!

These days, I’m all for planning vacations far in advance.  While I understand that it’s not always possible to plan too far ahead, there’s a lot to be said for having a vacation to look forward to.  Whether it’s a weekend getaway or the vacation of a lifetime, sometimes just knowing that you have the chance to relax and leave the “daily grind” behind can help get you through some seemingly-endless workdays.

Sure, a vacation is often a luxury, but there are times when it could be considered a necessity.  Just as some people take “mental health days” off, travelers like myself hold true to our yearly or semi-annual vacation times.

The next time you dream of getting away, where will your thoughts take you?  Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, and Asia are amongst my own top picks for longer vacations.   Palm Springs, San Francisco, and Orlando are some of my favorite destinations for quick or spontaneous getaways.

Celebrations International Travel‘s experienced agents can help you plan it all….Join us in Celebrating Life Through Travel!

Here’s a link to an interesting article I just came across:


Let me know what you think.   Maybe you’ll even be inspired to have Celebrations International Travel help you plan a trip to see these amazing wonders when they are opened to the public.

Destinations Travel Magazine is a neat new e-zine, and my agency, Celebrations International Travel, is listed in this month’s issue after a photojournalist’s article on Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is my parents’ city of origin, and often serves as a modern cosmopolitan gateway to the splendors of China.

Enjoy the magazine, and email me at info@celebrationsinternationaltravel.com or call (480) 272-6020 if you’re interested in any of the destinations you see featured!


Royal Caribbean sent out a new flyer to travel agents this week in which the heading reads “Why Not Be Your Client’s Hero?”  It goes on to tell us how we as travel agents can help travelers make good use of their remaining vacation days, so those days don’t go to waste.

While the headline is indeed eye-catching, as a travel agent, I don’t feel that I need to be my clients’ hero.  I’m already their dream trip creator/planner, as well as their indelible memory-maker.  As a travel agent, I’m in the business of helping make my clients’ travel goals and dreams a reality.  When they come back raving about their trips and eager to share pictures and video, then I know they’re happy.  If the client wants to think I’m a hero for having made that happen, that’s just icing on the cake!

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