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Why Visit the Same Destination More Than Once?

Posted on: October 22, 2010

I’ve found that many of my clients, whether they are frequent travelers or not, tend to ask Why would I want to visit the same destination more than once?”

Of course, this question is not in reference to those places they consider their favorite weekend getaway spots, but rather to the more exotic or faraway destinations.

My answer is this: If you really liked a particular destination on a past trip, try a different type of travel experience of that same destination.  Chances are, you’ll see and do things that are completely new, and have a chance to re-visit some of the memorable parts of your previous trip.  (Remember the beautiful antique replicas you wish you’d brought home?)

Ideas to Consider:

1.  Change your vantage point. If your first trip gave you an overview of the destination, consider a customized tour to explore more in-depth and at your own pace.  Or you might visit as part of a river or oceanliner cruise itinerary.

There are many ways to do this.  Two of the most popular are:  a) Narrow your itinerary to allow you to spend more time exploring or relaxing in each locale; and b) Consider designing your trip around a theme or special interest (i.e. cooking, gardening, the arts, etc.).

3.  Go off the beaten path. If you saw the major touristic highlights last time, consider activities that allow you to experience more of the everyday life of the local people, or to visit lesser-known–but often spectacular–sites.

4.  Visit during a different season or time of year. This could be a great way to experience a holiday celebration or capture the ever-changing vistas of nature’s beauty.

5.  Consider varying your accommodations. If you stayed in a non-descript hotel last time, consider more authentic or unique accommodations to enhance your experience.  For example, in Europe you might choose a chateau that has been converted to a hotel, or for a family or group, renting a private villa may be an option.

Celebrations International Travel can help you plan a great vacation, whether you’re a first-time visitor to a destination, or an avid repeat visitor.  Contact us today!


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