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Destinations That Evoke the Holiday Spirit

Posted on: December 3, 2010

In my travels, I tend to find that some destinations just seem to have a special feel about them.  When I think of the holidays, here are a few that instantly come to mind:

1) Germany:  Christmas as we know it today has its orgins here, and I was once priviledged to visit Freibourg during the holiday season.  The Christkindlmarkt, or “Christmas Markets” are not to be missed!  Even if you’ve finished your Christmas shopping, or maybe Christmas isn’t a holiday you celebrate, these authentic markets are a special event for all to enjoy, strolling by the colorful stalls while sipping hot mulled wine or sampling one of the many festive treats that abound.

2) Austria:  One of my favorite images is that of an old-fashion horse-and-carriage departing a small village church amidst the snow.  I don’t mean an antique image, I mean one taken in the modern day.  What says “Christmas” or “winter holidays” better than that?

3) A Log Cabin in Anytown, USA:  Friends of my parents own a very cozy log cabin on a mountain in the Carolinas.  Imagine enjoying a traditional, rustic Christmas by the fire!  For those of us who don’t own a log cabin, how about a nice bed-and-breakfast?  They are plentiful in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states and make for a nice getaway around the holidays.

4) Sweden:  If you want to see a live reindeer on Christmas, this may be your best bet, not to mention the holiday smorgasbord of goodies you’ll find!

5)  Holiday Cruise Sailings:  Here’s one you may not have thought of.  I know many people would rather stay home for the holidays, but even so, you may find that one year, as a special treat for you and your family, you want to try a holiday cruise.  Both the ocean-going cruise lines and river cruise companies go out of their way to make sure their holiday cruisers have a wonderful time.  You’ll find special entertainment and activities for everyone, in addition to luxurious holiday cuisine available onboard the ships, not to mention you’ll be spending your holiday with loved ones in the special destination of your choice!

Inspiring your holiday travel dreams….Happy Holidays!


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