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Pippa’s White Maid of Honor Dress

Posted on: April 29, 2011

Prince William and Princess Catherine have only been married a few hours, and I’m already getting tired of the media buzz “Should Pippa have worn white to her sister’s wedding?”

I get that most etiquette experts out there probably think white should be reserved for the bride.  But think about it:  Doesn’t any Maid of Honor traditionally have to wear whatever the bride wants her to?  And haven’t many of us been surprised and awestruck by how Prince William and his bride appear to be making many of their own choices with regard to the wedding?  Then why all the hoopla today over Pippa wearing white?

She wouldn’t wear something her sister hated for her big day!  Pippa looked beautiful, and although I’d love to see that dress reproduced in different colors, the fact that she wore white enabled her to not take the attention off of Catherine, I think!

Come on, people!  For all of the William and Kate fans out there, if you’re as enamored with them as you say you are, rejoice in their wedding day!  In fact, go one better and plan a visit to the United Kingdom, where you can visit all of the places that have been significant in their lives.  London calling!

2 Responses to "Pippa’s White Maid of Honor Dress"

I guess I thought white was the traditional color because it looked like what I saw Princess Dianna’s brides maids wearing. I am an American but have loved following the Royal Wedding.

I’ve enjoyed following the Royal Wedding too! And this morning on the Today Show, I saw that a few knock-off’s of both Catherine’s wedding dress and evening reception dress, along with Pippa’s bridesmaid and party dresses were already been shown off, delivered by the fashion houses late last night. The news report estimates that these knock-offs could be in stores in as little as eight weeks. Personally, I’d love to have one of those dresses made in a different color to wear on cruise formal night!

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