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Cruise Tips

Before Your Cruise

– Well in advance of your cruise, make sure you have the proper documentation needed to enter all ports on your itinerary.  Without it, you could be denied boarding!

– Complete your paperwork & check-in procedures when you receive you travel docs. It saves time & hassle at the pier.

– If you have any type of special need or concern, let your travel agent know immediately.  He or she can then take all necessary steps to ensure that your needs are accommodated onboard and you’re well taken care of by the crew.

Examples of a particular need or concern would be (but are not limited to): dietary restrictions, medical conditions, medical or health equipment you need to bring onboard, if you would require assistance of any type either on a daily basis or during an emergency, allergies, bringing a service animal onboard, need for a specially-located stateroom, assistance or service in a language other than English, etc.

– If you’re a first-time cruiser or never visited the ports of call, think of your cruise as an overview of the destination to which you might choose to return on a future trip to explore in greater depth.

– Ask questions!  Whether you’re a first-timer or veteran cruiser, things are constantly evolving in the world of cruising, so rely on your cruise expert travel agent for the latest and greatest information.

– Get directions to the port! Remember, some cities have more than one cruise terminal in close proximity.

– Be sure you’re clear what’s included in your fare and what’s not, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises in the end.

– If possible, wait until you get to the embarkation city before attaching cruise line luggage tags. That way they can’t get lost or torn off.

– Fly to the embarkation port city the day before. That way, you don’t have to stress about making it to the ship on time!

Enhancing Your Cruise Experience

– Always pack a daypack with things you’ll need for the first few hours onboard, until your luggage is delivered to your stateroom.  Important Note:   Always keep medications, camera and video equipment, valuables, and other necessities in your daypack.

– Wines by the bottle available at great prices onboard most ships. Wine packages can also save you money. Enjoy!

– Cruises are traditionally a paradise for foodies, with a wide variety of foods available and many different venues to dine in.

– Many cruise lines now offer open-seating restaurant-style dinner seating in addition to traditional fixed dinner seating.  Be sure to let your travel agent know your preference when you book your cruise, so he or she can request your first preference.  If your first choice is unavailable for any reason, you will be waitlisted and notified if it becomes available.

– Pre-book specialty restaurant dinner reservations whenever possible. Saves time and ensures a wonderful evening!

– Tell your travel agent about any dining preferences and special dietary needs so that they can be accommodated.

– Celebrating a special occasion on your cruise? Inform your travel agent. Cruise lines have special ways to help you celebrate.

– Did you know most cruise ships have chapels? Church services are provided, or you can reserve time for your own group devotions.

– Even cruise ships that don’t have chapels offer religious services. Ask before your cruise or onboard.

– Pre-book shore excursions to ensure best availability.  Be sure to ask about the cancellation policy in case you change your mind.

– Bring along a power strip or multi-outlet plug-in to give you more outlets in your stateroom.

Saving Money on Cruises

– Many agents have group space reserved on specific sailings. Group rates can save you money, and individual bookings may qualify for these group rates.  Be sure to ask!

– Tell your travel agent about any past cruises you’ve taken. Many cruise lines offer periodic specials for past cruisers.

– Take advantage of Onboard Booking Specials for your next cruise. You can get a great deal and work with your same travel agent!

– Many cruise lines offer special rates or periodic discounts for residents of a particular state, senior citizens, military service personnel, police, firefighters, and teachers.

– If you’re traveling with friends or family, consider booking a triple- or quad-occupancy stateroom, or for more space, inquire about suite accommodations for three or more passengers.  Savings on the third and successive passengers are often significant, lowering the overall cost for everyone.  Some ships even have multi-room suites that sleep up to 12!

– Can’t do without soda or your daily latte?  Buy a soda/juice and/or specialty coffee package on the first day. It will save money and you get unlimited soda and/or juice.  The number of specialty coffee drinks you get in a package may be counted with a punch card, depending on the cruise line’s policy.

More to come!  Visit Celebrations International Travel’s cruise division for more information.  Also check out our cruise finder:

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2 Responses to "Cruise Tips"

Thanks, Very useful tips.
I would add, Make sure to be back on time to the Ship, they aint gonna wait for you.

Thank you, King David Tours! Yes, definitely, you must be back onboard by the cut-off time posted for passengers. The ship will not wait for you, and you wouldn’t want to incur the cost or hassle of catching up with the ship!

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