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Delta Airlines plans to roll out recharging stations in 19 airports across the U.S., including its seven domestic hubs, to assist passengers seeking a spot to recharge their electronic devices.

From early 2011, two Delta recharging stations will be available at each passenger gate area, featuring six standard, 110-volt outlets and two USB ports. Recharging pads designed for smartphones and mobile devices will be available in all domestic Delta Sky Club locations.

Gate area recharging stations will be installed at Delta hubs in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York Kennedy and Salt Lake City.

Recharging stations will also be installed at airports in Boston, Columbus, Ohio; Hartford, Conn.; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Nashville; Norfolk, Va.; Omaha, Neb.; Pittsburgh; Portland, Ore.; Seattle and St. Louis.

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For our international travelers, new words of advice:  Pack light and check the airline’s Web site for updates on checked baggage fees and policies.  I came across this link to a USA Today article on Twitter: http://goplanit.com/l/1dv

At my agency, Celebrations International Travel, we’ve found the surge of new baggage policies, weight limits, etc. all to be so confusing and ever-changing, we simply remind travelers to check the airline Web sites for their most up-to-date information before they pack their bags.

As much as airline travel costs these days, it’s a shame that your bags can’t travel free even overseas anymore.  But maybe a little creative packing and space-saving will help you avoid some of the cost of checking that extra bag.  Or maybe traveling with a partly-empty bag will give you room to bring home souvenirs!

Do you have packing or international travel tips you’d like to share?  Post them here, and I’ll also share them on Twitter.  (We’re on Twitter @CelebrationsInt.)

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Earlier this week, I answered a call that came in to our agency.  Here’s the conversation:

Me: Celebrations!

Caller: Is this the travel agency?

Me: Yes, may I help you?

Caller: How do I get my friend from Nairobi to here?

I have to admit this question actually rendered me speechless for a couple of seconds.  I didn’t know exactly how to respond.  Questions start swirling in my head:

– Is she asking for flight routing, as in how would we go about bringing someone here from a logistical standpoint?

– The passenger is in Nairobi–Is she asking how to bring this person here in terms of immigration and/or entry requirements?  I’m not an immigration expert, I’m just a travel agent!

In the mundane sense, I’m also thinking to myself:  Buy a ticket! But get your travel documents in order first!  I fought the urge to laugh at my own sarcastically humorous thoughts.

Not exactly sure what she wants to know, I give her overview answers from both perspectives, just in case.  Unfortunately for me, as I’m explaining the booking and ticketing process, she cuts in to verify the general information Web site address I gave her, then hung up.

I thought to myself:  Yes ma’am, that’s correct.  Glad I could be of service as your personal Web guide this morning.

As much as travel agents like myself are weary of having our brains picked, at least it gave me something rather amusing to talk about here!

In case you’re wondering, Celebrations International Travel offers international airfares to most destinations worldwide.  (Airfares to Africa are limited.)

Happy Travels!

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