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Delta Airlines plans to roll out recharging stations in 19 airports across the U.S., including its seven domestic hubs, to assist passengers seeking a spot to recharge their electronic devices.

From early 2011, two Delta recharging stations will be available at each passenger gate area, featuring six standard, 110-volt outlets and two USB ports. Recharging pads designed for smartphones and mobile devices will be available in all domestic Delta Sky Club locations.

Gate area recharging stations will be installed at Delta hubs in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York Kennedy and Salt Lake City.

Recharging stations will also be installed at airports in Boston, Columbus, Ohio; Hartford, Conn.; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Nashville; Norfolk, Va.; Omaha, Neb.; Pittsburgh; Portland, Ore.; Seattle and St. Louis.

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As a culinary travel specialist, food is obviously very important to me.  So a tweet about this article on airline food caught my attention:


Airline food (along with dorm food, in many cases) has long been the brunt of many jokes and sour faces.  As this article says, a number of airlines are now collaborating with chefs in an effort to improve the food offered in business and first-class cabins.  Unfortunately, I guess it means we economy travelers will continue to either bring our own food onboard or buy one of those often over-priced, generic meals offered in some version of a cardboard box.

Don’t get me wrong, I applaud the airlines for making an effort where their passengers in premium seats are concerned, but I am still not a fan of airline food, regardless.  Sorry, but vacuum-packed food that’s been through two ovens just doesn’t make the grade.  I’d prefer to save my money and just get to my destination so I can enjoy all the great food and wine that awaits me there!

What are your thoughts on airline food and beverage service?

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