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This past summer, Celebrity Cruises launched its new Celebrity Life program, aimed at enhancing guests’ onboard experience.  In light of Celebrity’s re-branding that was just announced, I thought it befitting to tell you more about their onboard program.

“Celebrity Life” is a new series of palate-pleasing, intellectually-enriching and life-enhancing programs designed to deliver the most unique and sophisticated onboard experience in premium cruising.

Built on long-established pillars of the Celebrity brand – dining, enrichment, and wellness – Celebrity Life encompasses three distinct program categories: Savor, Discover, and Renew.

Savor takes an already stellar culinary experience to new heights, with eight new wine enrichment events, six spirits and mixology tastings, and more than seven different interactive programs for guests, hosted by the ship’s Executive Chef and team.

Discover presents an opportunity for guests to do or learn what they have always wanted to try, but never had time to accomplish. Whether it’s ordering a bottle of Chianti in Italian, or exploring the universe in 40 minutes, guests can delve into a wide variety of interests.

Renew offers an improved, more goal-oriented approach to classes, seminars, and treatments designed to help guests on their journey to looking younger, feeling better and living longer.

Additional information on the Celebrity Life program will be posted on the Celebrations International Travel Web site soon.  Please contact us or post any questions you may have.


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