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Watch as workers refurbish Princess Cruises‘ signature Movies Under the Stars system atop the Grand Princess.  Also, witness the celebration of a cruise industry milestone, as well as a toast to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine!


In this episode of Princess Cruises‘ Grand Princess video diary, we see the lifeboats being maintained and replaced, while miles and miles of custom-made carpets are laid all over the ship.  Can’t wait to travel on the completely renovated ship!

In this episode of Princess Cruises‘ Grand Princess video diary, a visiting artist shows us the process of restoring paintings onboard ship.

We also get a look at the work going on in the theatre.  If this backstage look at the show production area interests you, tours of the stage, prop, and dressing rooms backstage are conducted on some sailings.  We took part in this tour on our Princess cruise to Alaska, and it was lots of fun.

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The Project Manager in charge of overseeing Princess Cruises’ Grand Princess drydock renovations discusses the current status of the work being done, and he shows us some of the details he’s responsible for on a daily basis.  The insights I’m gaining from this series of video diary are certainly giving me a new perspective in cruising!

In this “run around the ship” update, the Grand Princess’s cruise director gives us a glimpse at the current state of the ship’s drydock renovations in a number of venues, including the Crown Grill, casino, stateroom bathrooms, the salon and barber shop area, and the atrium, soon to be Grand Princess’s new Piazza.

Pay close attention to the quirky conversation in the atrium about the “mustache contest.”  I’ve never heard of a mustache contest aboard a passenger sailing, the again, I suppose there could be one!  🙂

Learn more about life onboard Princess Cruises.  Cruise on!

The Logistics Team coordinates delivery of all supplies and materials for the Grand Princess drydock renovations, as well as the removal of any trash and other discards.  Logistics is a far cry from the luxuries and pleasures we normally associate with cruising, but without its vital help, the great experiences cruisers love would not be possible.

This episode of Princess Cruises‘ video diary gives cruisers a glimpse into the Engine Control Room and various technical aspects of running a cruise ship.  I think the interviews are a good way to showcase different perspectives in cruise ship operations.  I especially like the information they shared about environmental benefits for Alaska.

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