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Cruise Like a Norwegian aboard Norwegian Cruise Line!  You’ve heard the expression “Walk like an Egyptian.”  Now, NCL invites you to Cruise Like a Norwegian so you can experience all that Freestyle Cruising has to offer.  The quirky, laid-back atmosphere of NCL encourages guests to relax, forget your worries, and enjoy your vacation free of hassles, schedules, and your usual routine.   More

Norwegian Cruise Line adjusted its smoking policy on board each of the line’s 11 Freestyle Cruising ships in response to changing guest preferences.  Read More

Norwegian Cruise Line confirms that a crane accident in a Boston shipyard yesterday delayed the final repairs on the Norwegian Jewel.  The ship will arrive in New York today for its next scheduled cruise (one day later than planned), and NCL will cut this voyage one day short (six nights, not seven), calling in Port Canaveral Wednesday and Great Stirrup Cay Thursday. Passengers will receive a $100 onboard credit per cabin and a refund of one-seventh of the cruise fare paid.

Prior to seeing the announcement this morning, I was watching The Today Show, and a couple in the crowd told Al Roker that they were supposed to be in the Caribbean.  They went on to explain that their “ship is in drydock or something” and so they’re stuck in New York. 

First of all, personally I think getting to visit The Today Show in person and meeting Al Roker is a plus for anyone!  Al Roker playfully asked what cruise line they were sailing with, then good-naturedly called out for NCL to take care of these folks and get them on a cruise. 

The Norwegian Jewel is scheduled to depart New York on this delay cruise today, and we hope everyone has a great time.  On the heels of the Carnival Splendor’s recent woes, I hope press coverage such as this won’t cause travelers to hesitate about enjoying all that cruise vacations have to offer.

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I received this email from a 10-year-old first-time cruiser who sailed on the Norwegian Star to the Mexican Riviera.  I think it’s interesting to see travel through the eyes of a child.

Dear Ms. Adrienne,

Thank you for setting up the cruise for us.  I had a lot of fun with my family and Ms. Nancy and Mr. Matt.  I did not sign up for any of the Kid’s activities because I didn’t want to hang out with the hooligans.  I enjoyed most of the cruise.  The only thing I didn’t like was the movement of the boat.  The food was great, but a little too nice.  (I like finger food!)  I really liked everything else.

When we got to Cabo San Lucas, we had signed up to go snorkeling and kayaking, but because of the weather the previous day, we couldn’t go.  It was extremely hot and humid in Cabo San Lucas.  I’m from Arizona, and Cabo San Lucas was worse.

In Mazatlan we took a taxi with some other people from the ship.  The taxi driver took us around town and we only stopped to take pictures.  On our way to the “new” Mazatlan, we stopped.  There was a person on the top of a giant rock and when just the right tide comes in, (the ocean’s tide), the diver would jump off the rock and into the ocean.  That is how is gets paid money.

Puerto Vallarta was my favorite!  There, my mom, dad, and I all went to a big water park.  Next to the water park was some smallish pools.  We got in one with 3 dolphins.  There are 2 groups.  One starts working with 2 dolphins, the other group works with 1 dolphin.  Then we switch.  We were the 1st group.  First we learned some hand signals.  Then the real fun begins!  Every person gets a turn to do both the foot push, and the dorsal-fin ride.  The Foot Push is when 2 dolfins come up behind you and each puts their nose on the flat part of your foot, then they push you out of the water about waist high. (My whole body went out of the water!)  The Dorsal-Fin ride is when you grab 1 fin from a dolphin for each hand.  Then they start to swim really fast and you just enjoy the ride!  The 2nd group is where we got a big fishy kiss!  We also got to “hold” a dolphin.  At the end we had a dance with the dolphin.

Back to the cruise…

My mom and I really didn’t go anywhere but to eat and on deck to read our favorite book.  My dad never felt a thing, so he was the one getting up early in the morning and taking pictures.  Once there was a chocolate night where everything was made of chocolate.  They had cakes and sculptures!  I didn’t go because I was already asleep.  Our cabin was awesome!  Almost every night we got a towel animal.  Once it was a puppy, an elephant, and one night there was a monkey hanging from the ceiling with chocolate bars as eyes!
That was sooooo much fun!
Thank you,

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