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A USA Today headline earlier today read: “Tourists Dropping Fewer Dollars in Hawaii”.  A brief scan of the article brought several thoughts to mind that I’d like to share.

While I won’t pretend to be an expert either on all things affecting Hawaiian tourism or all aspects of the travel industry, here are my thoughts as a travel professional:

Airfares to Hawaii have increased dramatically in the last couple of years.  Decreased capacity due to the closure of a few airlines that once serviced Hawaii, combined with fewer flights offered by other carriers means that travelers pay much more than they did before.  I see this as a major deterrent to potential visitors to Hawaii, which in turn hurts hotels and other land-based operations that depend on tourism dollars.

With the traditional “air-and-land” combination looking less attractive these days, my attention turns to another great way to see Hawaii:  cruising the Hawaiian Islands.  While it’s true that many Hawaiian cruises start in Honolulu, cruisers looking to save on airfare should consider departures out of Los Angeles, San Diego, or even San Francisco or Vancouver, depending on the cruise line’s current offerings.  If you live within driving distance of any of these port cities, you can save on airfare by parking at the cruise terminal, and if not, your flight out to the port city will likely still cost you much less than a flight to Honolulu would.

Another reason cruising to Hawaii is a better deal is the all-inclusive nature of a cruise.  Meals, transportation, and entertainment can be quite costly on a land-based vacation in Hawaii.  But on a cruise, all of that’s included in your cruise fare.

What better way to see the Hawaiian Islands than to wake up in a new port each morning and go exploring?  Of course shore excursions are at an additional cost, but you might decide to splurge on a special excursion one day and explore on your own the next, thereby keeping your costs in check.  And anything extra you spend onboard is always optional–you decide.

For more information on cruising to Hawaii or any other destination, visit our Oceanliner Cruises page.   Contact us with any questions!

Mahalo, cruisers!


I’ve had a number of my own “Calgon Moments” this week, as I’m sure most people out there can relate to:  Sometimes you just feel like you need to get away!

The last time I actually made good on my quest to get away from it all, I booked my family on a last-minute Disney cruise to the Western Caribbean (7 nights on the Disney Magic, round-trip from Port Canaveral, Florida).   No kidding, I got on the phone and told the booking agent “It’s for me; I really need to get out of here.  Can you help me?”  Less than two weeks later, we flew to Orlando and set sail on a much-needed vacation.

When I’m on vacation, I want to be completely relaxed, which can be hard when you have Internet connectivity (temptation to check e-mail, look up stuff, or get on Twitter), a cell phone that might ring, or any other “techno-gadget”.  While technology can be a great way to keep in touch, I’m amongst those who tend to find myself enslaved to it.

That’s why, when I’m looking for total relaxation, I prefer cruising over other types of vacations.   Shortly after the ship sets sail, I turn my cell off because I’m about to lose reception anyway (no satellite phone for me, thanks!), and if I really want to check email or surf the Web, I can, but I’m much less likely to do so when I have to pay for Internet access.  And calling home when we’re on a cruise?  There are a number of ways to do that while the ship is in port that are generally less expensive than calling from the ship if I really need to.

I can’t think of a better way to get away from it all–literally–than on a cruise.   Cruise ships can take you just about anywhere in the world, and the cruise lines are offering excellent deals these days.   When you take into account that everything is included in your cruise fare:  accommodations, meals, activities, entertainment, children’s programs, and transportation between destinations–it might even be a better deal than staying home!

For your next “Calgon Moment”:  Here’s to your cruise vacation getaway!

Visit the Celebrations International Travel Web site for more information on oceanliner cruises and river and specialty cruises.

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