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Here’s a sneak peek at “On the Bayou,” a unique new production show from Princess Cruises, now playing in the Universe Lounge aboard Coral Princess and Island Princess.  More

I wanted to share this video with you, for which Princess Cruises simply writes in its description, “We hope this ‘Relaxation Minute’ will help you take a moment in your day to relax, unwind and escape completely!  Read More

In this “run around the ship” update, the Grand Princess’s cruise director gives us a glimpse at the current state of the ship’s drydock renovations in a number of venues, including the Crown Grill, casino, stateroom bathrooms, the salon and barber shop area, and the atrium, soon to be Grand Princess’s new Piazza.

Pay close attention to the quirky conversation in the atrium about the “mustache contest.”  I’ve never heard of a mustache contest aboard a passenger sailing, the again, I suppose there could be one!  🙂

Learn more about life onboard Princess Cruises.  Cruise on!

Watch as what was the Grand Princess’s Skywalkers Lounge is removed from the ship.  This vantage point gives us an idea of what a massive undertaking these drydock renovations are for Princess Cruises:

I particularly like this latest episode from Princess Cruises, showing us how the Grand Princess’s  main galley (kitchen) is still fully operational during drydock, providing all meals, snacks, and beverage station service for those hard at work on the ship’s major renovations.  Life onboard a cruise ship has always intrigued me, and it’s neat to see how these construction workers and other contractors are living and working aboard the Grand Princess.

Princess Cruises‘ food and service has always been excellent, and it’s nice to see that the galley and restaurant crew members are providing the same level of service and quality food to the workers as passengers would receive.  One of my personal favorites is featured in this video, Princess Cruises‘ signature fresh pasta!

To learn more about the onboard experience with Princess Cruises, enjoy this video:

Visit our Princess Cruises homepage for more videos detailing Princess Cruises‘ staterooms, the Piazza-style atrium, the Sanctuary, Lotus Spa & Fitness Center, and Youth & Teen Programs.

We look forward to helping you plan your next adventure aboard Princess Cruises!

Celebrations International Travel : Princess Cruise Line Certified Experts

In this episode of Princess Cruises‘ video diary of the Grand Princess renovations, the cruise director shows us the progress being made to many areas of the ship, including a few Princess Cruises‘ signature features such as:

The Piazza (formerly the Atrium; now being outfitted to include Vines Wine Bar, the International Cafe, and Alfredo’s Pizzaria — named after Princess Cruises’ Executive Chef Alfredo Marzi);

The Crown Grill, with its exhibition-style kitchen;

and the casino and new oceanview suites.

The cruise director gives us an overview of the updates in progress for the Lotus Spa, kids’ and teens’ centers and family pool areas on the Grand Princess.

As parents busy parents of young children, we’re always on the lookout for great ways to enjoy family time together and give everyone a chance to have fun on their own.  Kids and teens will enjoy the new Pelicans, Shockwaves, and Remix youth center spaces.

Parents, enjoy the Lotus Spa’s excellent facilities and services.  (Hint:  Always check the Princess Patter shipboard newsletter for great Port Day spa specials….A great way to relax and save!)

The Captain of Princess Cruises‘ Grand Princess gives us insight on what it’s like to command the ship during this major drydock renovation:

The walkway to Skywalker Lounge, the Travelator, is removed from Princess Cruises‘ Grand Princess in this video diary episode.  Funny how the workers watching the structure being hoisted actually resemble passengers hanging out on deck!

In this installment of Princess Cruises‘ video diary chronicling the drydock renovations on the Grand Princess, people are hard at work on the areas that will become Cagney’s Steakhouse and the Wedding Chapel.  Also, watch as the last piece of the atrium’s grand staircase is taken down.  I can’t wait to see what changes they’re about to bring to the atrium!

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