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The Captain of Princess Cruises‘ Grand Princess gives us insight on what it’s like to command the ship during this major drydock renovation:


The walkway to Skywalker Lounge, the Travelator, is removed from Princess Cruises‘ Grand Princess in this video diary episode.  Funny how the workers watching the structure being hoisted actually resemble passengers hanging out on deck!

In this installment of Princess Cruises‘ video diary chronicling the drydock renovations on the Grand Princess, people are hard at work on the areas that will become Cagney’s Steakhouse and the Wedding Chapel.  Also, watch as the last piece of the atrium’s grand staircase is taken down.  I can’t wait to see what changes they’re about to bring to the atrium!

This Princess Cruises video clip gives cruisers an interesting behind-the-scenes (or should I say under-the-ship) look at the process of shipbuilding.  Stay tuned for further updates!

Enjoy this video clip of Gavin McLeod (aka Captain Stubing from “The Love Boat”) celebrating his 80th birthday onboard Princess Cruises’ Golden Princess:

Princess Cruises‘ new and improved Royal Princess ship is set to debut in 2013.  Enjoy this video highlighting its new features, and contact Celebrations International Travel for more information or to plan your Princess cruise vacation today!

Take a look at Princess Cruises’ new Australia & New Zealand destination video.  (Who needs bulky brochures anymore?) 

Enjoy the overview of a Princess cruise or cruisetour to this amazing corner of the world.

Contact us to book your own adventure Downunder with Princess Cruises!

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