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Adrienne Mitra of Celebrations International Travel now participates as a panelist for Where I’ve Been’s Travel Tuesday Roundtable.  This week’s topic is family travel:


Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts on this topic!


We are pleased to announce that Adrienne Mitra, owner of Celebrations International Travel, Inc. is now on www.WhereIveBeen.com!  Take a look at Adrienne’s map.

I haven’t filled in all the places in the world I want to visit, simply because that would take all day and then some!  I’d like to see and experience as much of the world as I possible can with my family.  Having just completed my map, I have to say that I like using the search functions a lot more than the initial click-through myriad of destinations it gives you.  I say this because the search function allows you to search either for a country or city, whereas the initial display of destinations does not tell you about this upfront.   However, as an interactive map goes, I think it’s a neat concept!

Our friends at WhereIveBeen.com recently blogged about Celebrations International Travel and our culinary tours.

Very soon, you will see some of my travel, destination, and culture-related articles on WhereIveBeen.com, and I will be a panelist on their Round Table Forum to discuss travel-related topics.   I (CelebrationsInt) came in contact with WhereI’veBeen.com through their Community Manager, Katy Lynch (whereivebeen) on Twitter.  Her tweets are quite interesting and sometimes entertaining.  I look forward to Celebrations International Travel’s partnership with WhereIveBeen.com, and hope to hear from many of its users.

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